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Montag, 13. April 2009

OsiriX PRO 64 bit Release - FDA cleared, CE marked

In April 2009 OsiriX PRO V1.4 has been released for worldwide distribution.
In addition to its 64 bit capability, which makes this workstation substantially faster, the new software comes with 80 other improvements. Most notably, the 64 bit version can utilize up to 4 TB of physical RAM and up to 256 TB virtual RAM. This major improvement allows users to manage volumes of both current and future data sets without any problems.

New features include:
  • 64 bit support
  • Embedded websever
  • Bonjour support
  • Presentation state
  • Improved segmentation and bone removal
  • Improved reslice functions
  • Improved fusion
  • Support of OsiriX mobile
  • and more...

OsiriX PRO V1.4 supports Mac OS X Leopard with Intel Processors

Besides being just a post processing workstation, OsiriX PRO is designed to be used as an RT workstation which allows the user to print, export/ import DICOM-CD's, and perform data correction. OsiriX has all necessary DICOM interfaces to be seamlessly integrated into a RIS and PACS. OsiriX PRO is one of the fastest medical workstations currently available in the market. In combination with aycan store (DICOM archive) it becomes a high speed PACS.

Differences between the free version of OsiriX:
  • FDA clearance and CE Mark (medical device class ll)
  • 33% faster DICOM send
  • 20% faster DICOM Query Retrieve
  • Hotline support - immediate live customer service and support
  • Various Training options
  • Comprehensive user manual
  • Integration in current PACS and RIS
  • improved stability
  • improved data protection
  • configuration support with new updates
  • improved workflow when segmenting
  • Filmcomposer with WISIWYG functionality

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