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Samstag, 28. November 2009

OsiriX PRO Workshop at ECR 2010: Excellence in Radiology

At ECR 2010 we will provide 4 days of OsiriX Workshops in collaboration with the European Society of Radiology (ESR). The courses will be hands-on with Apple Macintosh computers.
There will be 4 sessions per day addressing basic and advanced OsiriX topics.

Basic Course:
Import / Export
Thickslab / MPR / MIP
OsiriX Mobile with iPhone

Advanced Course:
3D Volume Rendering
Bone Removal
Volumetric Analysis

Attendees can register:
a) prior to the ECR (as of january 2010) via the “MyUserArea”on the ESR Website –
visit > entry “MYCompanyHOWBooking“.
b) on ECR 2010 at a special registration counter (estimated on Level O1).
Please note that empirically the Workshops are booked up beforehand.

About OsiriXPRO
Medical images present a steadily growing challenge. In these Hands-on Workshops, we introduce you to the latest state in medical image postprocessing.The attendees can immediately follow the demonstrated contents on Apple Macintosh workstations
at hand. The software in use is OsiriXPRO – the CE-labeled and FDA - cleared version of OsiriX. OsiriX is an excellent Open Source Software which meets this challenge and was decorated with multiple international awards.

About aycan
aycan Digitalsysteme GmbH is a PACS vendor and system provider in the medical engineering branch with long lasting experience and well-founded know-how –especially in the area of radiology, PACS, DICOM and postprocessing. More than 1,000 radiologists are using our solutions and services. Visit to find out more. You can also visit our booth at Level O1 / Gallery at ECR 2010.

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