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Samstag, 26. November 2011

RSNA 2011: FusionSync automatic volume registration

Today, diagnosis based on follow-up image series and multi-modal acquisitions is often time-consuming due to mission data alignment and the need for manual adaptions of viewing settings.
FusionSync is a hardware-accelerated, automatic image-registration algorithm that is seamlessly integrated in OsiriX PRO.

FusionSync allows viewing of multi-modal and follow-up series together.
User navigate easily through large data sets based on spatial synchronization.
Time-consuming adaptions of view settings are completely eliminated, as viewing properties are propagated to all linked series.

  • Co-registration and fusion of multiple follow-up studies
  • Automatic global and locally-restricted rigid alignment
  • Spatially synchronized navigation
  • Seamless integration into OsiriX PRO
  • Optimized diagnostic workflows
Meet us at RSNA 2011 (booth #8707) to see this amazing technology, or check these demovideos.

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