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Dienstag, 30. August 2011

New version of iPad App for teleradiology released

We have released a new version of our successful xr.ay iPad App. It is renamed to aycan mobile, in order for our preparing for the FDA filing.

What is new in aycan mobile:
- App name changed to aycan mobile 
- Cutlines for localizers and cross-sectional series 
- Support for images > 1024x1024 (automatic downsizing) 
- Smart Push from OsiriX PRO to iPad (autorouting) 
- Immediate Data Load without user interaction while App is running. 
- Load all available studies with one click. 
- Test pattern browser for display quality check (added AAPM TG18 test patterns) 
- Visualization Correction Function (VCF) based on DICOM GSDF Preset 
- GUI localization (German, Italian, Finnish) 
- Updated manual 
- Bugfixes

The App is filed to the Apple review process and should be available in all countries except USA soon.

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