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Dienstag, 26. April 2011

Test Drive xr.ay App for Teleradiology

Are you interested in mHealth? Do you own an iPad?

If the answer is yes, you should test drive our new xr.ay App for teleradiology.

How to Use the xr.ay App

1. Download xr.ay App from the App Store

2. Try it with the preview account
Account: aycan
Password: aycan
You can use the demo account without OsiriX PRO.

3. Test Drive OsiriX PRO with xr.ay Plugin
In order to send you own DICOM images to the xr.ay App on the iPad, you need to download the OsiriX PRO software with the aycan xr.ay App plugin. Otherwise contact aycan or your local aycan Reseller for more information and a personal offer.

Freitag, 8. April 2011

aycan teleradiology app for iPad 2

aycan successfully tested its’ teleradiology app for use on the new iPad 2. The multi-threaded architecture of the aycan app harmonizes with the iPad 2’s new Dual Core 2 Processor. And, with the improved features and functionality of the iPad 2 over its predecessor, the aycan app works even better:
  • The transmission of images is clearly faster because the de-compression and decryption ability of the app is improved due to the iPad 2’s new A5 processor.
  • With the iPad 2’s new graphics’ chip, displaying images (scrolling and W/L) in split-view mode is significantly improved.
  • With the new video out support feature, medical monitors can now be connected to the iPad 2, which allows the app to be used for image viewing where higher resolution is required.
The app is currently available for free from Apple's European App Store. The app was designed to allow for simple, fast, and safe transfer of DICOM images from hospitals and imaging centers to radiologists and referring physicians with an iPad. It’s designed to work seamlessly with aycan OsiriX PRO, easily allowing DICOM images to be sent from Osirix PRO to any iPad including those that are 3G UMTS enabled. The new app does not require the set up of a VPN tunnel as all images are automatically encrypted. The aycan teleradiology app has received the CE-mark. FDA clearance to follow.

aycan teleradiology app key features:

  • Automatic Data Encryption
  • WL/WW, Zoom, Pan
  • ROI’s
  • Display and Synchronization of 2 Image Series
  • Embedded Dictation
  • Push Notification
  • Screen Shot Capture

Donnerstag, 7. April 2011

xr.ay App auf dem iPad 2

Heute haben wir das xr.ay App für die Teleradiologie auf dem neuen iPad 2 getestet.

Die Übertragung der Bilder ist deutlich schneller, da das dekomprimieren und entschlüsseln auf dem neuen A5 Prozessor beschleunigt wird. Die Multithread Architektur des xr.ay App harmoniert perfekt mit dem Dual Core iPad 2 Prozessor.

Beim Darstellen (Scrollen und Fenstern) im Splitview Modus bringt der neue Grafikchip eine deutliche Performancesteigerung.

Das Beste ist aber der Anschluß eines externen Displays an das iPad 2 mit der Full HD Auflösung von 1920x1080 Bildpunkten. Damit läßt sich die xr.ay App (Medizinprodukt Klasse I) an einen Befundmonitor anschließen und konform der DIN 6868-57 und der QS-RL betreiben.

Das xr.ay App steht ab sofort in Apples App Store kostenlos zum Download zur Verfügung. Mit dem xr.ay App ist eine einfache, sichere und schnelle Übertragung von DICOM Bildern von der Klinik auf das iPad von Radiologen oder Zuweisern möglich. Das App benötigt keinen VPN Tunnel und ermöglicht den Transfer der medizinischen Bilder von OsiriX PRO auch auf UMTS iPads. Das App ist ein CE-gelabeltes Medizinprodukt.

Key Features:
» WL/WW, Zoom, Pan
» ROIs
» Anzeigen/synchronisieren von 2 Serien
» Eingebaute Diktierfunktion
» Push Notification
» CE-Label als Medizinprodukt


Mittwoch, 6. April 2011

OsiriX PRO 2.0 erhält FDA Clearance

Mit der neuen, zertifizierten OsiriX PRO Workstation mit 64-bit und CE-Label als Medizinprodukt der Klasse IIb unterstreicht die aycan Digitalsysteme GmbH erneut, ihre Kompetenz in Sachen digitaler Bildbe- und verarbeitung sowie Darstellung.

Die Software ist bereits seit Ende 2010 als Medizinprodukt der Klasse IIb mit CE-LAbel in Europa erhältlich. Jetzt hat auch die US-amerikanische FDA die Marktzulassung im Rahmen einer 510(k) Premarket Notification als Class II Device erteilt.

Neben Bugfixes und Verbesserungen sind in der neuen Version einige Neuerungen implementiert.


Dienstag, 5. April 2011

ECR 2011 OsiriX PRO Workshop Summary

The workshops were listed in the official ECR 2011 program. 305 people registered at prior to the congress.

Apple was very generous and sent 24 iMac's 27" to Vienna for the trainings.

400+ people attended the workshops. Each participant received a nice T-Shirt.

We performed 8 Basic Workshops and 8 Advanced Workshops with three different focuses, which was very well received by the workshop attendees.

The final statistics from ESR about the OsiriX PRO workshop at ECR 2011 are showing a better result than the 2010 results. 254 evaluation sheets were returned to ESR.

How do you rate the practical training?
Legend: very good: 1, good: 2, fair: 3, poor: 4
1.30 (1.44) +9.7%

How would you rate your learning experience during this session?
Legend: very good: 1, good: 2, fair: 3, poor: 4
1.37 (1.44) +4.9%

How likely is it that the workshop will change your working method in the future?
Legend: very likely: 1, likely: 2, unlikely: 3
1.50 (1.56) +3.8%

Should the topic be repeated during a future ECR?
Yes: 98.8% (98.6%)

We want to thank all participants and we are trying to organize this event next year again. For other trainings please refer to our Workshop Calendar.

Montag, 4. April 2011

Workstation Face-Off

Top Developers invited to Vienna
Featured in aycan's April 2011 issue of "News and Views"

aycan, with its' OsiriX PRO workstation, was among seven companies invited to demonstrate imaging systems at this year's European Society of Radiology Meeting.

Medical Monitor

How to Choose
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Amidst ever-changing technology and the ongoing debate on standards and regulations for medical monitors, how do you choose one that will support increased productivity and more accurate readings?

Apple in Medicine

The Latest on iPads, Apps, and the FDA
Featured in aycan's April 2011 issue of "News and Views"

Since its inception in 1976, Apple technology has revolutionized many industries including graphic arts and printing, music, and mobile connectivity. Today, Apple technology, along with third party solutions, is transforming the medical industry.