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Dienstag, 18. März 2014

Quick Tip aycan OsiriX PRO - Follow-ups with FusionSync

Radiologists face this problem every day: follow-up series are not scanned identically with regards to tilt, rotation, and z-axis. This makes it more difficult to compare structures.

Using aycan OsiriX PRO and FusionSync, radiologists can automatically sync series for comparison. This also works for series with limited spatial resolution.


Quick Tipp aycan OsiriX PRO - Followups mit FusionSync

Täglich stehen Radiologen vor diesem Problem: Folgeserien liegen nicht zu 100% identisch bezüglich Neigung, Drehung und z-Achse vor. Dadurch wird der Vergleich von Strukturen erschwert.

Mit aycan OsiriX PRO und FusionSync können Radiologen Serien automatisch synchronisieren und vergleichen – auch bei Serien mit begrenzter räumlicher Auflösung.


Freitag, 7. März 2014

Segmentation with aycan OsiriX PRO

There are good news for all aycan OsiriX PRO users. Within the next release we will provide some new features. One of them will be a better segmentation support. The workflow for segmentation is much easier, then before. As a result, there will be the long axial diameter (LAD), the perpendicular short axial diameter (SAD) and the volume of the segmentation result displayed. SAD and LAD can be used in our RECIST plugin.

Watch the sneak preview video for a short demo.

Donnerstag, 6. März 2014

Discover gesture control with aycan OsiriX PRO at ECR 2014

Gesture controls like Microsoft Kinect, Nintendo Wii and Leap Motion are used more and more in professional solutions. 

We are showcasing a touch free gesture control system for aycan OsiriX PRO at ECR 2014. Come and visit our booth #112 in Vienna and try it out. 

aycan welcomes you at ECR 2014