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Mittwoch, 27. Februar 2013

aycan @ ECR 2013

So much could change in Vienna …

Not even 2 weeks until ECR 2013  time to introduce some new features / products which will be shown there:

ECR 2013 logo and aycan booth #621New features of aycan OsiriX PRO:
» Workflow improvements:
 save measurements and post-processing results to PACS automatically
 bookmark measurements for faster access
 faster window tiling with toolbar icon
 display only images of one patient (configurable)
» 3D CPR:
 enlarge orthograde views
 import/export of centerlines
» aycan mobile plug-in
 improvement of download status
 send case direct to a buddy
 automatic delete after smart push
» ISLink plug-in: added support for iSoft RIS 
» French GUI and manual
New products:

» aycan OsiriX PRO:
– ayReport plug-in for automatic transmission of measurements
   to customizable reports
– FusionSync plug-in for multi-modal image fusion and
   automatic registration 
» aycan store:
– aycan web HTML5 DICOM Viewer

PD Dr. A. Graser, Munich

See how aycan OsiriX PRO performs in a simulated clinical scenario against other vendors.

6th Post-processing Face-Off with OsiriX PRO - Friday, March 8, 8:30 – 10:00, Room B This year, one of the cases is a cardiac case involving CTA of the coronary arteries and functional MRI with rest and stress perfusion imaging.

The second case will be an
oncology patient with a metastasised malignant melanoma. Tasks will include detection of lung nodules with CAD and segmentation of lesions   over time assessing response. 

We cordially invite you to attend this exciting ‘tournament’ of post-processing.

Please visit us on our booth #621 (Gallery, First Level) for more information.

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