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Donnerstag, 12. Februar 2015

Deconstructing PACS

Using Multiple Brands to Achieve Maximum System Performance

At RSNA 2015, a “Deconstructed PACS” was widely discussed. The concept, well familiar to and employed by aycan for over 15 years, means to use the best vendor/product for each of the components of a PACS (a worklist (RIS, EHR), a PACS viewer and an archive (VNA)) to achieve individual user requirements and maximum system performance.

Keys to Successfully Implementing a Deconstructed PACS Strategy
The key to successfully implementing a Deconstructed PACS strategy is to start with a knowledgeable systems integrator to choose and integrate the right PACS component brands to meet your particular needs and continue with one service provider that will act as the single point of contact for ongoing system service and support. To ensure the effectiveness of this approach, on-site administrative support is required to ensure the service and support vendor is informed and engaged on any individual system component changes, upgrades or updates. This will help minimize diagnosis and resolution time should an issue arise with the system. 

Main Advantages of a Deconstructed PACS
Using this "best of brand" approach allows you to attain your preferred workflow without having to put all your eggs in one vendors’ basket. 

  • Less compromise on user requirements—get exactly what you need from each system component without having to make compromises. 
  • Improved cost efficiency—buy just what you need, not a bundle that may have things you don’t. 
  • More vendor independence—it’s easier to replace individual components than an entire system from one vendor.

If you use one source for integration and a single point of contact for service and support, such as aycan, you’ll achieve the same and better benefits as if working with a single brand provider, but without all the added cost and compromise on system performance.

Learn More About how to Deconstruct your PACS 
aycan has been designing, integrating and servicing Deconstructed PACS for customers for over 15 years, helping them achieve improved system performance and cost efficiencies. Learn more about this successful strategy direct from our customers by clicking here. 

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