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Sonntag, 20. Februar 2011

Magic in Vienna - OsiriX PRO Workshops at ECR – Join FREE!

Interested in OsiriX PRO?

Want to know what's behind the black shadows?

Discover the possibilities, speed and mobility of modern radiology.
Experience the great magic of OsiriX PRO.

Register for the workshops directly at the ESR website.
It's free for ECR visitors!

The aycan team and its European partners look forward to meeting you personally at this year's European Congress of Radiology in Vienna.

4 days, 4 topics, 16 OsiriX PRO Hands-on Workshops:

Basic Course
Basics, Import/Export,
2D Viewer, Reviewing,
Teleradiology with iPad

Advanced I
Volumetric Analysis,
3D Volume Rendering,
Bone Removal

Advanced II
3 point based registration, 
4D analysis

Advanced III
Sizing of AAA Stentgrafts with Plug-In SOVA.evar
Details and registration

More Workshops:

Don't miss the Workstation Face-off!!!

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