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Freitag, 8. April 2011

aycan teleradiology app for iPad 2

aycan successfully tested its’ teleradiology app for use on the new iPad 2. The multi-threaded architecture of the aycan app harmonizes with the iPad 2’s new Dual Core 2 Processor. And, with the improved features and functionality of the iPad 2 over its predecessor, the aycan app works even better:
  • The transmission of images is clearly faster because the de-compression and decryption ability of the app is improved due to the iPad 2’s new A5 processor.
  • With the iPad 2’s new graphics’ chip, displaying images (scrolling and W/L) in split-view mode is significantly improved.
  • With the new video out support feature, medical monitors can now be connected to the iPad 2, which allows the app to be used for image viewing where higher resolution is required.
The app is currently available for free from Apple's European App Store. The app was designed to allow for simple, fast, and safe transfer of DICOM images from hospitals and imaging centers to radiologists and referring physicians with an iPad. It’s designed to work seamlessly with aycan OsiriX PRO, easily allowing DICOM images to be sent from Osirix PRO to any iPad including those that are 3G UMTS enabled. The new app does not require the set up of a VPN tunnel as all images are automatically encrypted. The aycan teleradiology app has received the CE-mark. FDA clearance to follow.

aycan teleradiology app key features:

  • Automatic Data Encryption
  • WL/WW, Zoom, Pan
  • ROI’s
  • Display and Synchronization of 2 Image Series
  • Embedded Dictation
  • Push Notification
  • Screen Shot Capture

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