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Dienstag, 5. April 2011

ECR 2011 OsiriX PRO Workshop Summary

The workshops were listed in the official ECR 2011 program. 305 people registered at prior to the congress.

Apple was very generous and sent 24 iMac's 27" to Vienna for the trainings.

400+ people attended the workshops. Each participant received a nice T-Shirt.

We performed 8 Basic Workshops and 8 Advanced Workshops with three different focuses, which was very well received by the workshop attendees.

The final statistics from ESR about the OsiriX PRO workshop at ECR 2011 are showing a better result than the 2010 results. 254 evaluation sheets were returned to ESR.

How do you rate the practical training?
Legend: very good: 1, good: 2, fair: 3, poor: 4
1.30 (1.44) +9.7%

How would you rate your learning experience during this session?
Legend: very good: 1, good: 2, fair: 3, poor: 4
1.37 (1.44) +4.9%

How likely is it that the workshop will change your working method in the future?
Legend: very likely: 1, likely: 2, unlikely: 3
1.50 (1.56) +3.8%

Should the topic be repeated during a future ECR?
Yes: 98.8% (98.6%)

We want to thank all participants and we are trying to organize this event next year again. For other trainings please refer to our Workshop Calendar.

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