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Samstag, 26. September 2009

Open Source was the main topic at the 1st EuroPACS academy course

Linking research to clinical practice" was the slogan of the 1st EuroPACS Academy Course. The course was held in Pisa, Italy on 25. - 26. September 2009.

The major topic was Open Source Software in medical imaging. Prof. Paolo Marcheschi and Prof. Osman Ratib were doing lectures about Open Source initiatives in medicine. Other topics have been CAD and image processing. aycan participated at the workstation face-off with OsiriX, which was presented by Prof. Ratib himself.

The two-day course was attended by physicians, scientists and healthcare professionals who are involved in planning, purchasing, implementation and design of imaging infrastructures for image management and communication. It provided the basic concepts and expert recommendations for system design and implementation and better understanding of the fundamentals of imaging informatics. It also provided information and image processing and computer assisted diagnosis tools with hands-on workshop on advanced image processing workstations.

Due to the economic crisis the total attendance was behind the expectations. Organisators and vendors agreed to make the next course more attractive with more hands-on and a shift to more clinical topics.

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